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Until January 2010 we maintained a website list of resources for SRE that looked something like the picture on the right. The number of resources for SRE increases all the time so that a list like that becomes large and rather hard for someone to get a grip on, and some of the entries inevitably become a bit out of date. We have therefore decided to focus on referring just to the resources you see below. These are key resources for practical use by teachers and educators of young people with for learning disabilities.
If you have a specific request for information about resources for SRE and learning disability, fill-in the form at the foot of this page and we shall try to help in any way we can.
Resources from Bodysense
Title Author Publisher
Desmond and Daisy, anatomically correct male and female cloth modelsFraser, J.Bodysense
Wendy, anatomically correct female genitalia and reproductive organsFraser, J.Bodysense
Wheelchair for Desmond and DaisyFraser, J.Bodysense
Resources from fpa
Title Author Publisher
Talking Together . . . About Sex and Relationships: a practical resource for schools and parents with young people with learning disabilitiesKerr-Edwards, L. and Scott, L.fpa revised 2010
Talking Together . . . About Contraception: a practical resource for schools, parents with young people with learning disabilitiesKerr-Edwards, L. and Scott, L.fpa revised 2010
Talking Together . . . About Growing Up: a workbook for parents of children with learning disabilitiesScott, L. and Kerr-Edwards, L.fpa revised 2010
Resources from T.Marshall (previously published by Headon)
Title Author Publisher
Body Boards and other productsTracie MarshallT.Marshall – please note that Headon Ltd who previously published Body Boards no longer operates. For info about Body Boards call Tracie on 0161 374 0680 or 07510 761074 or fill-in this form: include the words ‘Body Boards’ in the comments box.
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Resources from Image in Action
Title Author Publisher
Let’s Do ItJohns, R., Scott, L. and Bliss, J.Image in Action
Resources from Beyond Words (Before 2011 books were published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists)
Title Author Publisher
Books Beyond Words Hollins, S. (ed)Beyond Words
Resources from Me-and-Us
Title Author Publisher
SHARE Special, an SRE curriculum for young people with special needs, full set with Picture Yourself, Picture Yourself 2, Condom Cards and Chance to ChooseDixon, H.Me-and-Us 2008
Periods—a Practical GuideRees, M. et alMe-and-Us 2008
Songs for Your BodyHumphreys, E. and Dixon, H.Me-and-Us 2010