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Songs for Your Body
Songs  for  Your  Body
A CD of twelve songs designed to help a person with a learning disability learn about personal, social and sexual health, together with a book of guidance and activities for the educator to use.
Obtainable from Edwin Humphreys.
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Songs for Your Body:
Personal Hygiene
The Washing Song more about this song
The Washing Song sung in Welsh (not on CD) more about this song
Hey You! Do You Want a Poo? more about this song
Tell Someone more about this song
Feeling Good (Male) more about this song
Feeling Good (Female) more about this song
Use a Condom
Just Say No! more about this song
Put It On! more about this song (for all you Country and Western fans)
Heavens Above! more about this song (runs through different contraception methods, male and female singers)
Sexually Transmitted Infections
It’s So Embarrassing (Male) more about this song
It’s So Embarrassing (Female) more about this song
Smear Test
Smear Test Song more about this song (sung by the ‘nurse’, well Jane is a qualified nurse)
Testicular Cancer
Hold Them Right! more about this song
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