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SHARE Special an SRE curriculum for young people with special needs
SHARE Special provides curriculum materials on Sex and Relationships Education for young people with moderate or severe learning difficulties and/or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in educational settings.
The materials can be used as a standalone programme in special schools, colleges or special needs units; they can be used to support a Sex and Relationships Education programme in mainstream schools for pupils with special needs; or they can be used alongside the SHARE Programme (which is widely used in Scotland).
40 lessons for young people aged 11–14, 14–16, and 16 upwards. The book includes suitability and adaptation options for young people with ASD, SLD, MLD and PMLD.
SHARE Special consists of a ring-bound, 97-page A4 book. .
SHARE Special © 2008   ISBN 978-1-905801-12-1
SHARE Special
Obtainable from Centre for HIV and Sexual Health, Sheffield: