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Hilary Dixon
My Philosophy and Values
In order to understand where I am coming from . . . →
and what my method is, let us consider my philosophy and values, both towards sexuality and relationships in general and in relation to people with learning disabilities.
In terms of sexuality and relationships . . . →
I cannot do better than to quote the Values of SHARE 3 , a research-based secondary school sex and relationships programme. The values were agreed during the development phase of SHARE, and are made explicit in the materials and to students when they embark on this programme. These values not only represent my values; they have been agreed by a wide range of organisations, faith groups, political leaders and health and education professionals.
3. See the Presentation References page.
The values are: . . . →
Our sexuality is a natural and healthy part of who we are.
Each of us feels differently about our sexuality, and we may express it in different ways.
We should treat each other as we should like to be treated.
We should never have to do anything sexual we don’t want to do.
If we do choose to have sex, we should protect ourselves and sexual partners from unwanted pregnancy and from sexually transmitted infections.
These values were developed as part of the SHARE research programme, see Presentation References page (3).
There is often a great deal of fear and concern . . . →
around sexuality and relationships, especially (and understandably so) from parents and carers of people with learning disabilities.
People with learning disabilities (generally speaking): . . . →
develop the same sexual feelings as other people
hold the same fears and prejudices as other people
have the same rights to education as everyone else
may have sexual relationships from the age of 16 (in the UK)
are more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse than others
need good sex and relationships education to support them
†. For age of consent in different countries, see
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