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Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for People with Learning Disabilities
Anatomically-Correct Models
The models shown on this page are available from
Desmond & Daisy
Anatomically correct, half life-size, adult male and female models convey essential visual information about the human body and facilitate two-way communication.
Extensive notes for users are included.
Desmond & Daisy
Sitting Version

Sitting version has realistic movements at the hips and knees. Particularly helpful for wheelchair users who would not necessarily identify with standing models.
The handcrafted wheelchair is scaled to the size of the sitting version of the models.
Female Genitalia and Reproductive Organs – an anatomically correct 3D latex model with a removable front panel covering the internal reproductive organs in their correct location, each of which is removable for closer examination.

Outer skin colour is made to order to reflect the ethnic background of those with whom it is most likely to be used.
These models are available from BodySense, please see the BodySense website for prices and how to order.
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