Sex and Relationships Education, Personal, Social and Health Education, Educational Resources and Training
Assessment Tool for SRE for Young People with Learning Disabilities.
Sexual Knowledge and Behaviour
An Assessment Tool for Use with Young People with Learning Disabilities
Developed and written by The Revd Jane Fraser, edited by Hilary Dixon
to enable professionals to assess the existing level of knowledge and behaviour of a student
to identify confusion or gaps in understanding
to plan an appropriate programme of teaching
to evaluate the impact of a completed SRE programme
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The assessment tool: Sexual Knowledge and Behaviour is a manual for teachers and educators. It consists of:
A CHECKLIST for Parents and Carers to be used by professionals:
A QUESTIONNAIRE on Social and Sexual Knowledge. The purpose of the Questionnaire on Social and Sexual Knowledge is to find out:
❇ before the SRE programme, what the young person knows and understands, to ensure that the programme is appropriate to their needs
❇ after the SRE programme, how much the young person now knows and understands and whether further work is needed
The questionnaire is structured since not all sections will be appropriate or relevant to all students.
The questionnaire is aided by twenty simple line drawings in an appendix.
The checklist, questionnaire and drawings are also provided on CD within the book for easy printing of forms.
Sexual Knowledge and Behaviour © Jane Fraser, 2010. ISBN 978-1-905801-13-8. Edited by Hilary Dixon. 72pp. A4.
Obtainable from Centre for HIV and Sexual Health, Sheffield: